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Kutab is the culinary trend of Azerbaijan.

The guests of Azerbaijan are invited to restaurants to taste it. It is the most popular dish in homes of locals. Do you think that making wafer pie is not too much deal? You are mistaken! Almost every Azerbaijani has his own family recipe for the filling: with herbs, pomegranate seeds, lamb, or pumpkin. 

We will arrange a master class on cooking kutabs or any other dish (pilaf, dolma, dovga, etc.) you like in our country (of your choice) in any place convenient for you: in a country house located on a seaside of the Caspian Sea, in the house of locals, or in a professional kitchen. You will learn how to cook delicious thin kutab no worse than native Azerbaijanis. Upon arrival home, you will have a chance to surprise your loved ones with a culinary masterpiece of your own preparation while watching a movie together. As a gift, you will get a master class CD.

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