Other gifts of Azerbaijan (naftalan oil and ointment, oil paintings, jewelry, etc.)

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Azerbaijan is a real find for those who love national color

Azerbaijan is a real find for those who love national color. The country has preserved a huge number of crafts and traditions that you will not find in any other corner of the world. In memory of Azerbaijan, you can take not a Chinese magnet, but something real and unique.

You can take healing oil or white oil ointment from the trip in addition to the classic Baku souvenirs - tea, silk scarves, and sweets. It is located in the city of Naftalan, the only field in the world. The unique properties of white oil help in the treatment of 70 different diseases.

Another opportunity, take a picture painted with oil. The Azerbaijani artist Sabir Chopuroglu invented this technique. He learned to paint with “black gold” without using brushes, only his own hands. Moreover, the oil in his paintings dries and does not collapse over the years.

You may also buy some jewelry. After all, Azerbaijani jewelers became famous in the Middle Ages and still do very beautiful and colorful things.

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