Ceramic, clay and stained glass products

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Traditional crafts in Azerbaijan are now undergoing a rebirth.

Traditional crafts in Azerbaijan are now undergoing a rebirth. Due to the interest of both the residents of the country and tourists, more and more small workshops have recently been opened where you can find very interesting things made of ceramics, clay and glass.

In general, Azerbaijani ceramics, along with copper and wood products, has long glorified local craftsmen. It is no wonder; in fact, the 128 known types of clay in the world, 98 are found in the territory of this relatively small country.

So today, you can find both old dishes and non-standard products of new masters in the numerous souvenir shops of Old Baku. For lovers of the classics there are painted plates, elegant jugs, decorative containers for spices in the form of musicians of “mugam” or a pair of grandfathers and grandmothers in national clothes. Oil lamps are also sold, the appearance of which has not changed since the Middle Ages!

Moreover, for fans of modernity there is a new interpretation of the old forms. Our guides will take you to the workshops of contemporary artists who work with clay and ceramics.

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