Hand-painted glasses of armudi and teapots

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Tea for the locals is not so much a ritual as a way of life.

Azerbaijani tea traditions are still observed not only in teahouses, which are very many on the streets of Baku, but also in ordinary houses. Tea for the locals is not so much a ritual as a way of life. Therefore, tea accessories here are not simple cups and teapots.

The most popular, but therefore no less interesting souvenir that can be brought from Azerbaijan is the famous “Armudi” tea glasses made in the form of an hourglass or pear. Europeans do not immediately get used to drinking a hot drink from them, because it is not very convenient to hold them without a pen. But precisely because of the strange form - narrowing in the middle - the drink remains hot for a long time. In addition, you can hold such a glass by the upper edge. The main thing is not to pour too much tea.

You can find both ordinary crystal armadi and glasses in Baku, painted manually with glaze. Sometimes glasses come complete with the same painted cup holders.

Of course, do not forget about the main decoration of any tea party - a teapot. You cannot confuse the Azerbaijani teapot with anything either. As a rule, it has the shape of a pyramid and a long thin nose.

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