Tour for gourmets and lovers of history: treasures of Azerbaijani cuisine and the magic of fire land!

7-9 hours
From 60 USD
Prices for groups of 7 people and up.
Price of individual tours - upon request.
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The national cuisine of Azerbaijan is rich in flavors and aromas. Each dish has its own history and dozens of variations.

If you like to dine with taste as well as are interested in cooking or just want to get to know the country better, be sure to go on this tour! You will visit all the iconic establishments of Baku, visit the real oriental bazaar, appreciate the culinary imagination, and skill of Azerbaijani cooks. You will taste delicious homemade dishes, world famous hot cakes and breathtaking homemade wine - there is no such thing anywhere else!

Who is this tour for?

What awaits you?

The program includes breakfast in the heart of old Baku, a visit to a real oriental bazaar, lunch at a fish restaurant, and dinner on the main square. You are waiting for the best national cafes with a pleasant authentic atmosphere and real Azerbaijani cuisine, multifaceted and rich.

Home-style breakfast in the Old Tow

Before breakfast, you need to whet your appetite, so the tour will begin with a tour of the historical sights of the old city of Icheri Sheher.

While you are tasting uncomplicated mouth-watering dishes, the guide will tell you what dishes were preferred by Azerbaijanis in ancient times and how their diet has changed now.

Walk in the eastern bazaar and tasting sweets

Gifts of the Caspian Sea for lunch

After a walk around the bazaar, a trip to the vicinity of Baku awaits you. It is here that for hundreds of years hardworking farmers have been cultivating the very cucumbers, tomatoes, figs and grapes that then go to the shelves.

You will see the most interesting local attractions. There is a real Zoroastrian temple Ateshgah and a burning mountain Yanardag among them. Do you know that some of Baku people still honor pagan traditions? You will learn about why and how this happens during a walk.

You only teased your appetite in the bazaar, so it is time to have lunch! Lunch will be held in one fishing village of fish dishes, which are highly appreciated by all gourmets of Baku.

The main trump cards of this place are fish skewers with spices and dishes in pomegranate and cornel sauce with barberry and tomatoes from the gifts of the Caspian Sea - the best Caspian fish (bersh, omul, sturgeon, beluga, and mullet). The chef says he uses dozens of spices in the marinade and keeps this unique formula a closely guarded secret.

Dinner: lamb and real Azerbaijani pilaf

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