Agate Mountains of Khizi, Pink Lake and the legends of Beshbarmag rock

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Sparkling Agate in the Khizi Mountains

The rich history of Khizi

The historical sites of Khizi are perhaps even more interesting than the landscapes, but this is not surprising, because our ancestors have lived and traveled along the local mountain trails since ancient times (according to some versions, even the Roman legion managed to visit Khizi!). Right at the foot of the Beshbarmag rock is the burial of Khizir Zinda - a sacred place for all residents of Azerbaijan.

You will also see ancient fortresses, Zoroastrian places of worship and settlements, where caravans, heavily loaded with spices and fabrics, once rested, walking along the Great Silk Road. The important point of the excursion is a visit to the monument of Jafar Jabbarly, the famous poet, screenwriter and founder of Azerbaijani dramaturgy. He penned hundreds of prose and poetic works, including more than two dozen plays.

Panoramas of the Pink Lake and Jeyranbatan reservoir

Masazyrgel is the most unusual lake in Azerbaijan and, possibly, the most amazing in Transcaucasia. Its main feature is the pink color of water. The lake is located on the Absheron Peninsula and along the edges of the pink lake is surrounded by salt. The lake is unique in its kind. Every year, travelers from different countries come to him to make sure that the water is unnatural pink (especially in summer, under the influence of sunlight), even if it is poured into a separate vessel, and admire this creation of nature. A white belt of salt effectively borders the lake, and from a bird's eye view it looks like it was written by Monet Van Gogh, a little muffled paint. It is not surprising that tourists often take pictures of Rose Lake, namely being on a hill in order to preserve vivid impressions for life and once again make sure of the ingenuity of nature.

The path to the top of the sacred mountain Beshbarmag

Alti-Agach nature reserve: mountains and delicious meat dishes of the country

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